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Gamut is a contemporary studio of digital ninjas. Our team consists of experts in their craft with over 10 years of experience. 

Our client's are leaders in their industry that are driven to craft meaningful and insightful experiences.

Working in partnership with us helps advance their business and brand goals.

We do this for many different industries, like media, entertainment, corporate, and for startups.

Client's are rest assured with our multifaceted group of experts, passionately focused on achievement while having a good time :) 


Our Team

Alain Lores.jpg

Alain Lores

Founder/Creative Director

Marlon Munoz.jpg

Marlon Muñoz

Creative Director & 3D artist

Jorge Lega.jpg

Jorge Lega

Creative Director & Motion Designer

Brandon Dumlao.jpg

Brandon Dumlao

Director, Editor, and Cinematographer

Oscar Jimenez.jpg

Oscar Jimenez

3D Artist & Prototype engineer 

Meillany Lores.jpg

Meillany Lores

Studio Manager

Johnathan Ovalle.jpg

Jonathan Ovalle

Technical Director

Steven Guas.jpg

Steven Guas

Motion Designer